Welcome to the Cover Your Arse Online Readers section, and congratulations on taking the first steps to making your website compliant and securing your valuable online assets

Chapter 1 – Getting Started

After running through Chapter 1 you might realise that you have a couple of issues around your website control and ownership. Unless you do something about securing your interest in your domain name and website now, you won’t have a valuable asset available to sell in the future. Getting started

Chapter 2 – Copyright

As you read through Chapter 2 you might have realised one of two things –
  1. You’re not doing anything to protect your own copyright material OR
  2. You’re a risk of receiving a cease and desist letter or a take down notice for some of the material you have put online. Copyright

Chapter 3 – Protecting Content

Chapter 3 looks at the different options available to you to protect your ideas. More than ideas, it looks at the different intellectual property in your business.
Here are some steps you can take to protect your intellectual property. Protecting Content

Chapter 4 – Digital Marketing

There are lots of different ways to promote your business online and in Chapter 4 we look at the key legal concerns in that area. Digital Marketing

Chapter 5 – Working With Others

Have a look at your business and what you can outsource to others. Is there repetitive work that others might do for you more efficiently or cost
effectively? To focus more on your business than in your business, you will need to bring others in to the mix, and they need to know what to do. Working With Others

Chapter 6 – Social Media

Today we’re going to run through the key issues to cover in your social media policy. Social Media

Chapter 7 – Privacy

Privacy laws pertain only to the protection of information about individuals, and not in respect of informationabout corporations. Personal information is any information about an identified or identifiable individual; their name, date of birth, photograph, contact details and so on. Privacy

Chapter 8 – Accessibility

Accessibility isn’t about being mobile friendly, although that is a relevant consideration. You really need to think about how people might be able to get your information, whether by touch screen, mouse or some other method. Accessibility

Chapter 9 – Terms & Conditions

In an online environment, the space is open and accessible 24/7 and you don’t necessarily get to check out your customers before they go to buy. The beauty of being online is that you get to set your own rules, within the context of the laws you choose to apply to your website. Terms & Conditions

Chapter 10 – Contracts

A contract in its basic form is an agree ment between parties that is legally binding on them. Contracts