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The best selling book by Author
Jeanette Jifkins

The Course includes –
  • Cover Your Arse Online – Paperback
  • Cover Your Arse Online – PDF format
  • Cover Your Arse Online – Kindle Format
  • Checklists and Templates – Online Access
  • 4 week online training course

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266 pages of easy to follow legal stories and strategies to understand the key risk areas in your business and successfully protect what you have built. With Online access to our READERS ONLY resources including handy checklists and templates to support you in running your business.

4-week online training course on how to complete a legal audit of your online business, set up the right legals for your industry and offerings, how to identify whether your brand is at risk, where you can set up standard form contracts for all your most common activities, and more.


Access to Podcast interviews with experts in Cyber Security, Business Insurance, Business Planning, Business Brokers and more.

This course is for the person who realises they are making more than they can afford to lose and wants to protect it before something goes wrong.


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